AC 1000 1000 1000

ac 1000 1000 1000.jpg

I don’t hate the Cubs first off, I just find them as a team to get a chuckle out of. This is the total opposite of what Ryan at Prose and Ivy would like to see as evidenced by his URL, I’m not sure rather or not this will happen but I’m leaning to it will. I repeat I’m not a Cubs hater!



What’s up Orangebird. This made me laugh out loud when I saw it. After all, if you’re going to be a Cubs fan, you better be able to laugh at yourself…or at least know how to laugh in order to make it all easier to take. Thanks for leaving your argument as to why you think the O’s can win it all this year. If you have more specifics to share, feel free to post again with regards to the same topic…why the O’s will win it all in ’09. Nice job with the photoshop…let’s hope that NEVER EVER HAPPENS. Enjoy Pie this year too, I think you guys got a great prospect in Felix.

Prose and Ivy

Funny stuff!

Oh, that’s great! It made my morning!

Haha. I hate the Cubs but for some reason I cheer for them in the playoffs. But if that did come true imagine how old a worn out Wrigley Field would be!


Hey dude. Julia told me how you wanted to have a little wager like Julia and Scott. E-mail me so we can talk about it.


Orangebird and Bob – you two play nice! Keep it friendly!


I love the photoshop pic. lol Maybe you can photshop a pic at AT&T park and put King of Cali for me. =)

~ King of Cali

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