That Was Fun

I had a fun time at Camden Yards Saturday! 

#1- I got the Nick Markakis BP jersey. It not really authentic or anything close to that, it’s kinda cheap. But still it’s cool to get something like that!

#2- After the game was over the Jumbotron proceeded to play “Field of Dreams”. It was very cool when they turned out almost all the lights. It was like the world’s coolest outdoor theate!.


“You had “TOO” see it!”

I fell asleep right around the time Terrance Mann arrived in Iowa :( 

Guess what??



Some of the players were actually watching the movie rather than going home!

“Man that’s pretty cool”

#3- Matt Wieters Facts Night!

This was the best part of the night: getting to meet the left and right side of Matt Wieters facts brain!

“Who’s who?

Ian is the right side, since he is a graphic designer! And Daniel is the left side he very big into stats.

We first swung by 5 or 10 minutes before the game. Funny story here I see some people wearing the sliced bread shirts.

Configuration ~  ~ 7295588

And I ask if they know where more Matt Wieters Facts people are and someone points to a person and he says something like “Hi I’m Daniel” As in Daniel Moroz the left side of MWF brain. He was very friendly we talked for several minutes. However I wanted my picture taken by Ian for the MWF Facebook page.


And he wasn’t currently there, he was gettting autographs. Daniel recommended that I come by later. And that’s what we did! The second time we came up Ian was present, he shook our hands and invited us to sit down. So we began talking about various things, we got to the t-shirts and how I had created a shirt for Pittsburgh Penguins announcer MIke Lange with some of his well-known calls on it. And Ian replies “Who’s MIke Lange?” The Penguins (grin comes to my face) announcer. “NO NOT THE PENGUINS!!” He blurts out. That’s right the Penguins!

flower with cup.jpg


So then we got to talking about the game and I asked if I could interview him. And we was like “You, want to interview me???” And he of course excepted the invitation.


So that really fun!!!!!!
#4- Matt Hobgood
He was there, introduced third or fourth inning what I like is that he still has braces!!! 


Great interview! Looks like you had a lot of fun at the game!


The videographer says nice job.

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