Adam Jones, HR Derby????

I heard today that Adam Jones wanted to participate in the Home Run derby.

And I say why not. I think he’s much better then Brandon Inge or Nelson Cruz and right up there Joe Mauer. It ‘d be a great chance for him to show off his skills on the national stage.

We know he can hit homers, but I think if he chose to be an “upper-cutter” like Prince Fielder he could put 30 or 40 homers a year, although the think he could do that this year.

I can’t see why Major League Baseball wouldn’t let him in, they’re on their hands and knees begging for participants, why not let Adam Jones in?

What do you think?


And I think he can hit the ball well enough! Good luck tonight!

It’s a tough call. I don’t know how they choose who will participate in the HR Derby.


Adam Jones, told that he wanted to participate just he didn’t know if they would allow him. I think the manager from each all star team chooses…
please comment

thanks for commenting orange bird, Please do so again today, good luck at the game you get to see Bergesen pitch. Man is he good! Bring home a W!

Hey, I have some Cal Ripken Trivia for you if you wanna check it out. And no google searching. Cuz it might be on google. I wanna see if you know the answers.

I think he could win it but I think he is going to need a few more good seasons to get in.


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